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PDF Links for Past Crafts
These are links for past Crafts, and/or Poems we have used on our Home Page. We have also collected various PDF files from Stockmar, Lyra and Choroi
Click a link to see open the PDF.
You are invited to save any that you are interested in.

Cooking Crafts Toddler Crafts Nature Crafts Art - Crayons Art- Painting Art - Modeling Beeswax


Music Poems


Baking Science

Hearth Bread

Rock Candy
Mom's Farm Bread


Sew Juggling Balls

Goldilocks and the
3 Bears Origami

Friendship Bracelet

Grow Your Own Snowflakes

Felted Bowl

Crafts - Toddler

Toddler Suncatchers

Earth Friendly Play Dough

Paper Plate Sun Catchers

Crafts - Nature

Butterfly Feeder

Sticky Pinecone Bird Feeder

Treasures out of Sand

Celebration of Sunflowers

Art - Crayons
Wax Crayons - Introduction
Wax Crayons - Working Materials / Tips
Wax Crayons - Painting and Layering

Wax Crayons -
Etching Tecniques/Sgraffito

Wax Crayons - Melting Technique
Wax Crayons - Water Colours
Wax Crayons - Painting with Crayons

Art - Painting
Painting - Introduction
Painting - Working Materials
Painting - Mixing Colours
Painting - Wet on Wet Technique

Painting - Wet on Dry Technique

Art - Modeling Beeswax
Experimenting with Decorating Wax

Experimenting with Wax
Decorating with Wax on Candles

Decorating with Wax on Objects 
Bas Reliefs with Modeling Wax
Stencils on Candles

Instructions for Creative Sets / Candles
Making Flower Children with Modeling Wax
Instructions for Modeling Wax


Hand Shadows


Choroi Pentatontic Flute Playing Instructions






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