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Parent Resource Links
These are some links we feel you as parents may be interested in. Click a link to see more...
Parenting Articles Art Resource Articles Puppetry Articles Home Schooling Info Montessori Info Waldorf Info Reggio Emelia Info



Everything you need for your creative art work
(download as PDF files)

Free parenting Articles  Vital Role of Play in Childhood - PDF file The Vital Role of Play in Childhood

Creating More Nurturing Environments for Children by Pam Leo
--Jan Hunt, M.Sc

Given a choice, young children will usually choose to be in a natural environment. Wonderful article for all parents to read.
Visit their website at
  Rich selection of Resources on the importance of Play Playing for Keeps promotes the necessity of play and advocates that communities and families make play a daily habit
  Compassionate Connection
Attachment Parenting and Non-Violent Communication
by Inbal Kashtan

--Jan Hunt, M.Sc
Nonviolent Communication (NVC), sometimes referred to as Compassionate Communication, offers a powerful approach for extending the values of attachment parenting beyond infancy.
Visit their website at
  The Alliance for Childhood Publications Avocates for Healthy Play - Articles on why play is essential
  Link to Connie Gellers Book List
(PDF File)
  Link to an excellent 3 part article
plus link to Child's Play Internet resources :
1.  Development experts say children suffer due to lack of unstructured fun
2. Creative play makes better problem-solvers
3. Experts call unstructured play essential to children's growth
4. Child's Play Internet resources
 Montessori  Montessori Method The Philosophy & Practice for children from birth to age twelve, in the home and school.
  Montessori Online The website of the Montessori Foundation and the International Montessori Council
  The Web of Life Game (a pdf file from teach organic)

Web of Life Cards (pdf file from Harvard)

We all weave a web of life each day, in our work and in our play.
  "How to Raise an Amazing Child" --(click here to preview a sample of book )

This is an excellant book for any parent.
I highly recommend it!!

 Waldorf The Waldorf Shop For those who believe in a Gentler World
Offering Information, Support, and Inspiration to a global Waldorf Community
  Waldorf in the Home Waldorf in the Home is for Waldorf parents, home schooling families and anyone interested in the LifeWays approach to parenting and childcare.
  Waldorf Home Schoolers
(a reference page from Waldorf in the Home)
It's not just about home schooling... it's about family life, parenting, diet and wellness, working, responsible shopping and so much more!
Waldorf Cookbook by Kelly Sundstrom The Waldorf Cookbook is a collection of recipes that are cherished in the Waldorf tradition, and hand selected by Waldorf Schools around the globe.

I bought a copy for myself and love it!

   A Child's Seasonal Treasury by Betty Jones A beautiful collection of poems, songs, finger games, crafts, and recipes.
Soon to be rereleased by the author.

She is currently in Hawaii and putting the final touch on the revised edition which will be much more of her own writing and illustrations, more recipes and hands-on activities.
It is nature-based within the seasons and elemental beings bringing joy in learning the "3 R's" for the young child: RHYTHM, RHYME & ROMP!
Reggio Emelia
Schooling for multiple intelligences, the Reggio Emilia approach calls for the integration of the graphic arts as tools for cognitive, linguistic, and social development.
Download Folkmanis catalogs, funpage, booklist for puppet interaction (This list is a pdf file)
Click on the images see some tips on puppeteering the featured puppets.
  Folkmanis®Puppet Book list List of recommended reading with books who's characters have Folkmanis counterparts.
(This is a pdf file)
Videos to aid with ideas if you'd like to perform your own puppet shows.
  Folkmanis®Puppet Plays Folkmanis® Games & Puppet Shows
  Folkmanis®Puppet Resources Many links to resources sites for puppetry
  Writing your own puppet script Legends and Lore - Basics for script writing
  More Puppet Resources Copyright-free puppet script database
  5 basic techniques of puppetry Puppetry can be fun and rewarding. These 5 Basic techniques will bring aid your child in their enjoyment of the art.
  Puppetry A nice PDF file on puppetry, what it is, how to do it and how to make them.
 Home Schooling The Link Homeschooling Magazine Since 1995 The Link has been providing information and articles chock full of support and help for home school parents and well as being a source of curriculum material.
  The Old Home Schoolhouse A wealth of information for anyone interested in home schooling.
  Oak Meadow Oak Meadow publishes homeschool curriculum materials and has an accredited distance education school. For over 30 years, Oak Meadow has created independent learning materials for families around the world.
  Home Educators Resouce Directory Our Purpose is to provide a comprehensive listing of Homeschool resources for the Home Educator.
  Inspire a Child This is my blog where I journal my personal journey homeschooling my grandson.
It is not always current especially during the summer, but it has links and information that you may find useful.
  The Perfect Homeschool Curriculum Wealth of Home School Information
  Guide to Homeschooling This page covers a lot of questions about homeschooling. The whys, hows, when and wheres.


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