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Our Mission

Unique, Quality Toys with Imagination and Fun in Mind©

Treasure Box Toys™ is committed to provide unique, quality toys and art supplies to support children in achieving their greatest potential.

We feel that our products will help children by stimulating their senses, encouraging them to develop their natural curiosity, activating their creativity, awakening their artistic imagination, enticing them to explore their surroundings, teaching them to nurture the environment, celebrating diversity, developing a love for stories and best of all letting their imaginations run wild!

We have spent a great deal of time researching a variety of manufacturers, and we have selected those that we feel will best support us in fulfilling our mission. Some of the items we carry are Waldorf inspired. They are made of natural environment friendly materials, which encourage children’s imaginative play and greatly contribute to fulfilling our mission.

We do not carry items because they are popular this month, nor do we carry everything in a manufacturer’s catalog. We also do not carry electronic toys or those associated with television characters.

We carefully choose items based on creative value, play value, craftsmanship, educational value, durability, and unique design. And, bottom line, we choose toys that are fun to play with!

We believe that through each of their 12 senses; Life, Movement, Balance, Touch, Smell, Taste, Sight, Warmth, Hearing, Thought, and Self-Awareness (Ego), children enter a certain relationship with themselves and with their environment. Through the 7 arts; Architecture, Sculpture, Painting, Music, Poetry, Dancing, and Social Structure, children can convey truths and insights that cannot be experienced scientifically. These help educate the whole child, “head, heart and hands” and enables them to become individuals who are able to impart meaning to their lives. Our toys help motivate children to create this love of life and learning.

To all of you who read this; we are committed to helping you in whatever way we can. We would like your experience with us to be enjoyable and stress free, so we encourage you to email or call us with any suggestions you can offer to improve our store for you, or if you have any questions about our products and services.
If you prefer not to use our checkout to place an order, you may also email or call us. (, 916.698.6706)

We pride ourselves in offering a personal human touch, so contact us and experience the difference when shopping with Treasure Box Toys™.

About Us

Treasure Box Toys began in the fall of 2002 as the vision of my daughter-in-law, Cher. She wanted an at-home business that would afford her the opportunity to spend time at home with her son.
As she and my son began to raise my grandson, they noticed that the toys they had enjoyed and cherished as children were becoming more and more technologically advanced. Dolls, games, stuffed animals, and even puzzles are now talking (and YELLING) at children. Dolls visibly blush, cry real tears, repeatedly recite catch phrases, and a multitude of electronic “smart” toys claim to know how to make children read faster and get ahead in school. Almost all of them are made of plastic and require batteries.

So, she went searching for quality toys they were unique, fun and educational. When she found them she decided that she wanted to be able to offer them to other like minded parents. As a result, Treasure Box Toys™ was conceived and born.

Cher is an amazing woman and spent many hours researching for just the right toys that fulfilled her expectations of what she felt would bring quality play into a child’s life. Many of the toys that you will find in this store are based on her knowledge and experience in working with children.

2003 brought many changes to their lives. The most significant was Cher was offered and accepted a position teaching in a local Montessori school. Cher had put a lot of her heart, soul and time into this store and did not want it to close, so she and my son offered me the wonderful opportunity to take it over. I had been dreaming of a home-based business that would fulfill my desire to work with people who really care about the future of this world; the children. It also needed to allow me the ability to time to spend with my grandchildren.

I eagerly accepted the offer. (That is the reason there is now a CA state tax). I had long ago fallen in love with all the products and truly believe they are quality treasures for any child (or grown-up) to own. I myself own Lorena, a Käthe Kruse® doll and find her to be a delight and, at times a comfort.

I hope that you will all continue to enjoy the store and please feel free to offer suggestions.

Please understand, we don’t believe that children should never play with plastic, battery-operated toys; we have a few in our home, too. However, we do believe in bringing balance, quality, and imagination back into the toy boxes of American children. In fact, the name Treasure Box Toys™” was chosen because we are a small, family-owned company that is committed to carrying unique toys of unusual quality that children will treasure over a long period of time.

In 2010 Treasure Box Toys began to shift in how much inventory we had to offer. Due to chronic illness my daughter has developed that requires a lot more of my time than I could give while operating a fully stocked store I have chosen to reduce my inventory significantly. So therefore, to free up time for her and the boys I made the decision to grow smaller.

It was a hard decision for me only in the sense that I love the store and all the wonderful things I had to offer. I will continue to offer the Mercurius items; ie, Lyra, Stockmar, Artemis, Art Makes Sense, Choroi, Debresk, Rolf, Ruitertassen, art, craft and school supplies.

Our Manufacturers

German companies such as Haba®, Käthe Kruse®, Stockmar®, and Lyra® have been making magnificent children’s toys, games and art supplies in Europe for many years. You won’t find them in the vast majority of American stores because they’re expensive to make and even more expensive to ship. We discovered them by accident, and we’re so glad that we did.
Please take the time to browse through their products.

Denmark is the home from which our plant dyed Artemis art supplies come from.

Switzerland brings us our Choroi and Debresk quality products.

If you know of another manufacturer that makes products that are in alignment with those above, please let us know. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions. Thank you for getting to know us!

Contact Us

Do you have a question or a comment?
We’d love to hear from you!
No wading through phone trees. No obscure email addresses.
Contacting us is simple.
We are a small family owned business located at 6309 W. 6th St., Rio Linda, California, 95673-4017, USA

You may send your e-mails to, call us 916.698.6706.
We value any feedback that you choose to share with us.

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