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Choroi Pentangle Set - bronze - small, hammered - incl. beater and handle
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Code: MERSM73101
Price: $61.39
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Pentangle Set - bronze - small, hammered - incl. beater and handle
Hear the amazing difference between our handmade tri- and pentangles and those you commonly buy in music shops!
Choroi Tri- and Pentangles are hand-crafted and made from brass or non-alloy steel.
By driving (hammering) the material, the sound becomes more vibrant and the surface gets a characteristic structured look.
Even though the triangle is a very simple instrument, it offers different sound possibilities.
Whether it is a bell-like, warm and swinging tone or a clear, vibrant sound, depends on the material and the size of the triangle as well as on the way the instrument is played.
Every model has its characteristic sound.
The general rule is: brass triangles have a lingering sound and develop a warm colourful timbre.
Iron has a concentrating effect with its shorter, strong and elemental sound. Pentangles sound lighter and higher than triangles.
The bigger the instrument, the longer and more intense (not necessarily deeper) the reverberation.

diam. 6 mm
leg length 13 cm (diam. 0.31 inch, leg length 5.12 inch)
Manufacturer: Choroi
Made Sweden
Several sizes available in steel or bronze


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