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Only My Mama - The Lester Family
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Only My Mama - The Lester Family
In relation to woman's entire life, her nursing experience is a brief one. Too brief!
It is a sweet but poignant interlude between the self-centered life of a young woman and the busy, sometimes trying life of a mother with growing children.
This tape was made to honor mothers and babies, their unique relationship as a nursing couple, and baby's relationship to the family.
We hope that this tape will encourage our little mothers and fathers of the future to look forward to this special time in their lives and help families with nursing babies to celebrate what they are already experiencing.
Lyrics included.

This CD has 10 songs that celebrate the unique relationship of a nursing couple and the baby's relationship to the family.
Bring the joy of song into your family!

The Lester Family is a close-knit Christian family that home schooled their children with much love and joy.
That love and joy can be experienced in many of their songs.
Their CD's are a result of many an enjoyable music lesson together!

Songs Include:
* Baby First * Three in Bed

* I Want to be Close

* Where's the Baby?
* Gabriel
* Sacrifice * Don't Hit the Baby
* Jumpin' on the Bed

* Big Wet Baby Kiss

* Only My Mama


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