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Traditional Rounds, Canons and Harmonies - The Lester Family
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Traditional Rounds, Canons and Harmonies - The Lester Family
One of the best ways we know of to bring a group together for fun and harmony is to sing rounds.
It simply dissolves conflict!
This is something we've employed in our family to help establish harmony among siblings.
It's also a great way to pass the time enjoyably in the car!
So join our family in song, and learn 27 traditional rounds and canons!
Lyrics included.

Note: children can generally learn to sing rounds at about 9 or 10 years old.

This CD has 27 traditional songs, some of which are not long, but still an excellant CD to enhance any music class, whether in a traditonal or in a home school.
You will find a varied selection of rounds, canons, and harmonies for you and your child to learn.
Bring the joy of song into your family!

The Lester Family is a close-knit Christian family that home schooled their children with much love and joy.
That love and joy can be experienced in many of their songs.
Their CD's are a result of many an enjoyable music lesson together!

Songs Include:
* Hello Song * Upward Trail * The Merry Lark * White Coral Bells
* Buddies and Pals * Jubilate Deo * A Medley of Four Songs * Make New Friends
* Rainbow Song * Old Hungarian Round * Oh How Lovely * Are You Sleeping? Frere Jacque
* Horsie, Horsie * Father We Thank Thee * Sing Together * White Sands and Gray Sands
* The Wind in the Willows * Row Row Row Your Boat * Buddies and Pals  
* Rise Up Oh Flame * Canoe Song * Over the Meadows  


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