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Choroi Pentatonic Children's Harp with case
Quantity in Basket: none
Code: MERSM20100
Price: $740.29
Shipping Weight: 10.00 pounds

The Choroi Children's Harp is a pentatonically tuned instrument. Its graceful, sculpted form and ethereal tone make the harp ideal for stimulating the young child's listening and free music making. The harp can be given to the child, at age five or six, as his/her first string instrument.
Children’s Harp in various woods (ash, maple, elm, cherry),
pentatonic mood of the fifth‘-tuning: d’-e’-g’-a’-b’-d’’-e’’
Wooden Pentatonic children’s harp, wood case, manual and tuning key.
7 steel strings,
46.5x22.5x4 cm (18.3x8.86x1.57 inch)
Keep your strings dry and use string oil only for blank strings.
All instruments are built with the highest quality craftsmanshipfrom naturally coloured, carefully aged wood.
In Choroi’s striving for a beautiful finish, they work with traditional methods, including the use of natural resins and hand polishing

The way in which a child experiences music differs from that of the adult. They are far more receptive to everything going on in the world around them. They become deeply involved with, and experience inwardly, the sounds and noises they hear and this involvement influences the experiences of the musical sound in a very particular way.
The way in which one creates music depends on how one hears music.

”Activating the soul through all our senses”

Made in Switzerland

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