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Drawing Pencils

LYRA Art Design Drawing Pencils --12 Assorted
Code: MERSL05912
Weight: 0.00
Price: $21.29
Quantity in Basket: none
12 top quality drawing pencils from LYRA
Hard leads (H) are for precise drawing (geometry etc..)
The higher the number H, the harder the lead.
The normal pencil is HB.
Soft leads (B) are ideal for drawing, hatching and black-and-white-outline.
B and 2B can be used also for the lettering.
The higher the number B, the softer and darker the lead.
Length:175 mm, diam. 8,5 mm (6.89 inch, diam. 0.33 inch)
Tin case 7” x 4”

Assorted with 12 different lead hardness pencils:

6B 5B 4B 3B 2B 1B
HB 1H 2H 3H 4H 1F

Imported from Germany

Let us Special Order this item for you.
If weight is listed extra Shipping Charges may apply.
It should only take about 1 week, but it may take up to 4 weeks to arrive to you.
Please take note that during the holiday season stock may run low so order early!
This item must be paid for at the time of ordering.
Since this is a special order item it can not be refunded.
If it is defective we will gladly exchange it for you with no additional shipping fees.
The same low flat shipping fee applies to this item. No other charges will be applied to you.
For more information on ordering please Email us at:

10% discount on order with purchase of 3 or more Mercurius Special Order Items sent to the same address.
(discount can not be combined with other discounts)


LYRA Art Special Pastel Drawing Pencils -- 12 Asst Shades
Code: MERSL45300
Weight: 0.00
Price: $35.99
Quantity in Basket: none
Special assortment of Fine Art pastel drawing pencils from Lyra:

* Titan, woodless artist pencil 6B
* Titan, woodless artist pencil HB
* Graphite aquarelle pencil HB
* Rembrandt-carbon-pencil medium
* Charcoal drawing pencil black grease medium
* Charcoal drawing pencil black grease-free medium
* Black chalk pencil grease-free
* White chalk pencil grease-free medium
* Sepia-pencil grease-free light brown
* Sepia-pencil grease-free dark brown
* Red-chalk-pencil grease-free
* Red-chalk-pencil grease

Imported from Germany



LYRA Super Ferby Triangular Graphite Pencil
Code: MER0L45761
Weight: 0.00
Price: $2.79
Quantity in Basket: none
A triangular shaped unlacquered graphite pencil with standard (HB) lead.
Degree HB
Lead diam. 0.25 inch
Length: 175 mm, diam. 10 mm (length: 6.89 inch, diam. 0.39 inch)

(Please note: picture shows box of 12 graphite pencils. The price listed is for ONE pencil. )
Purchase the box of 12 and receive a 10% discount.



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